Dan’s Family

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My Family

My family background is Korean...you could probably tell that from my last name. About 40% of all Koreans have the last name Kim, so it’s pretty common.

My father is a chemical engineer. He has worked as an inventor and a consultant for most of the last 30 years. He used to be the New England Section Chairman for the the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). More recently, he’s been spending most of his time being a grandfather.

My mother is a medical doctor. She works for what is now called the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. As of last year, she’s been semi-retired and spending much of her time as a grandmother.

Click      to see large picture!My sister, Debbi, and her husband, Steve, live next door to my parents, in the house we grew up in. They live there with their two sons, Nicholas and Max. She is a year older than me and works as a television producer for WBZ, Channel 4 in Boston. Steve is also a producer and owns a video production company, the Atlantic Production Group. The primary show he produces is NewEnglandGolfer.com. This is a photo of my sister and her two sons.

My father-in-law is also a medical doctor...a pediatrician in Portsmouth, VA. My mother-in-law works in his office, as the office manager. Portsmouth is down in the Tidewater area of Virginia, and it’s the town that Gee and Michele grew up in.

I have a lot of family in this country as most of my aunts and uncles have moved to the US. I also have a lot of cousins in the US. My favorite cousin is probably Amy... She was living out in San Francisco and until recently was working for an internet dot.com company— now she’s back in New York and working for the family business.

Click to see large picture!My favorite aunt works for a little company in Dearborn, Michigan. She ordered a new car and I've been bugging her about it... it finally arrived. This is a photo of her with her new car. On New Year’s Day 2004, she gave me the keys and let me take it out for a spin. I have to say, although I'm really a truck person, driving her Jaguar S-Type was quite nice.

My sister-in-law, Michele, works as a child life specialist at a hospital in Washington, DC.