Gee Moves Back to Virginia

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Gee Comes Home

Penske Rental TruckOn March 29, 2000, my father and I flew to Seattle to move my fianceé, Gee, back to Northern Virginia. The plan was very similar to what Gee and I had done back in September, with an extra driver to shorten the trip back. My dad rented a Penske truck and a tow dolly for the one-way trip to the DC area.

The trip was essentially the reverse of the trip Gee and I had made six months earlier. With two drivers, the trip only took four days. My father and I took turns driving. This was the first road trip my father and I had been on togehter in many years.

The first few days back were spent trying to figure out where we were going to put everything. We now had almost two of everything— two microwaves, two toaster ovens, two kitchen tables, and so on. A lot of the small kitchen appliances, we put down in the TV room, where there’s a kitchenette area. It’s nice to have a little refrigerator, a microwave and coffee maker down there. Gee’s dining table is down there too.

Gee started putting up her posters and photos. She put some photos up on the fireplace mantelpiece. One of the photos that was up on the fireplace mantel was a photo of my previous fianceé, Su. I asked Gee if she wanted me to take the photo down. Gee said, "I know who she is, and if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have you. I know she’s a part of who you are, so why would I want to take it down." Su is the person most directly responsible for me surviving the loss of my twin, David. Gee always felt that she owed Su for that.

I guess in many ways, even though I had lived in this house for two-and-a-half years, the place wasn't really a home for me until Gee moved in. I didn't have any photos or posters up and a few of the rooms were completely empty. Once, when Gee and I had been dating, she asked me if I had just moved in, because the house was so impersonal in many ways.